Hello, Wordpress user!

Welcome to the first unified way to benchmark your hosting using simple Wordpress plugin.
Test your host and compare to others, make a decision and have your page flying!

According to kinsta.com research, Wordpress has become the most popular CMS system in the world. Big and small websites use it. People build complex webshops, galleries, booking systems, forums and corporate pages using it. Thousands of developers code for Wordpress every day and success of many projects rely on information and data stored and processed by it.

And every Wordpress installation run on a server, hosted somewhere around the globe. Server can be physical or virtual, it might run Unix, Linux, Windows or other OS, might have different processor, memory and storage hardware. Some are more powerful and some are less powerful, but most users never see these computers in real live.

The speed of your Wordpress depends on many factors. Number of plugins, logic complexity and data amount are those, which impact most of all. But what about raw server power? This project attempts to answer this question. Plugin, that we have developed will run unified tests and measure their execution times. Based on that we will score your server performance, so you can decide, if that is enough for your project or not.

At this stage, May 2019, we are launching this project as beta-version. Your comments and suggestions are kindly welcome at [email protected].

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